Ukmjpn – DJ YonYon (Tokyo, Japan) LIVE @ Asfalt Shop

Data koncertu: 24-10-2016 | Minione

Miasto: Warszawa

Klub: Asfalt Shop Kredytowa 9

Podczas czerwcowej wyprawy do Japonii ekipa U Know Me Records nawiązała wiele ciekawych kontaktów. Jedną z nowo poznanych artystek jest YonYon, która zaprezentuje swoje elektroniczne oblicze podczas setu na żywo w Asfalt Shopie. To niecodzienne wydarzenie zobaczyć będzie można na żywo na kanale YouTube Asfalt Records:

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Born in Korea and raised in Tokyo, YonYon is a truly ‚multi faceted talent’. As a DJ, singer and songwriter, she began her career in Tokyo in early 2011. She is also a renowned booking agent and club promoter, having worked in the industry for half a decade.
As a singer, YonYon has garnered a substantial local fan base, and has served as the voice for Shure Japan’s new product demonstrations for the KSM8 series. Her band, Kotoba Select, juxtaposes Indie Rock soundscapes against R&B/Hip-Hop grooves, crafting an innovative sound that is emotively complex yet refreshingly simple. The majority of their songs incorporate Japanese lyrics with catchy J-pop influenced melodies, and they are poised to become pioneers in the Japanese music industry.
Experiencing success in the local scene, YonYon aims to eventually expand her brand internationally. To date, YonYon has played at events in Seoul, Taiwan, and New York, as well as upcoming shows in Europe and Shanghai. She has quickly amassed global attention for her eclectic vibes and moods she conveys through her DJ mixes. Both intimate and sensual, the sounds she fuses reflect her Future Beats, UK bass, Grime and Hip-Hop roots. Her style aims to transcend trends and serve as an honest representation of her artistry. In 2016, YonYon began working as a liaison for Tokyo based project “Bridge”(Connecting Europe and the US to Asia.) working to help underground artists perform at Japanese venues. In addition, she has lent her efforts to Jayda b.’s “Bae” project, a platform established in Atlanta in 2015 that aims to support women in music, helping the brand expand into the Asia. It will be interesting to see what she’ll be bringing to the decks in 2016.

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